Calgary Data Center in Alberta, Canada

Calgary Data Center in Alberta, Canada
Calgary Data Center in Alberta, Canada

We are your reliable source for the best Calgary data center in Alberta, Canada.
If you need a state of the art data center in Calgary for colocation, managed services,
virtualization and private cloud computing, we will help. This highly secure, world-class
data center is located in downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada, one of the most
geographically safe locales in the world. All services are contracted directly between
 you and our provider partner, we do not resell any services.

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You can also call us at 1-800-400-2246 for a free consultation,
we welcome your call and promise the best telecom values.

There are no fees for our quotation services and we work hard to obtain
the best value for any telecom or data center service. We work for you, not
the providers and we stay with you for the life of the service to help maintain
a healthy relationship between you and any provider.

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