Laser Radio Technology Fiber Optic Alternative from AOptix

Laser Radio Technology Fiber Optic Alternative
The Intellimax from AOptix

Unfortunately, the laser radio technology fiber optic alternative from AOptix is no longer available.
AOptix has ceased operations and has sold off all IP and equipment. We really liked this product and
are sad to see it go. We tried very hard to sell this product to many wireless and fiber providers,
unfortunately the price point was too high for all prospects who showed interest. We hope some
company will come out with a similar product in the future, because the premise of optical and RF
wireless IP backhaul is something that is very much in need in our industry.

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We left this web page active, so no one would wonder what happened to such a good thing.
If you happen to be with a company who offers similar wireless backhaul as alternative to
fiber, we would like to speak with you. Our network of provider partners really can make very
good use of this kind of technology and we are ready to help any company be successful.
We own several domain names that are specific to this technology would love to find a
good way to use them, please contact us to discuss your product offering.

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