T1 Speed, T1 Connection Speed, T1 Line Speed
T1 Speed, T1 Connection Speed, T1 Line Speed
T1 Speed, T1 Connection Speed, T1 Line Speed

T1 speed is 1.544 mega bits per second, upstream and downstream.
Fractional lines have been known to be available and the speeds are:
256kbps, 384kbps, 512kbps or 768kbps. Fractional lines are hardly
 ever used now, since they cost only slightly less than a full T1 line.

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The bandwidth delivered by a T1 is not necessarily considered high by
today's standards, cable and DSL usually offer higher downstream
speed, what they do provide is a truly dedicated connection that has
full upstream and downstream bandwidth of 1.5 MB all the time. If
your business requires the best reliability and uptime, a T1 should
be considered, they are excellent for voice over IP (VOIP).

We provide quotes for business customers and can not accept
phone calls from students doing research or residential customers.
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