Wireless T1 Internet Service Provider Rate Quotes

Wireless T1 Internet Service Provider Rate Quotes
Wireless T1 Internet Service Provider Rate Quotes

We offer wireless T1 Internet service provider rate quotes using WiMax connections.

WiMax connections are highly reliable and are available
in bandwidths from 768KB to as much as 1,000 MB.

“WiMAX” stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access,
and conversationally refers to IEEE 802.16

IEEE 802.16 includes a specification for fixed broadband wireless metropolitan
access networks (MANs) that use a point-to-multipoint architecture.

Two Broad Types: Fixed and Mobile
We will be discussing Fixed WiMAX today

Leading analysts predict that fixed WiMAX networks will have 88 million
subscribers and account for $43 billion in system spending by 2011.

802.16 Defines the use of bandwidth between 10GHz and 66GHz and
between the 2GHZ and 11GHz (licensed and unlicensed) frequency ranges

Defines a MAC layer that supports multiple physical layer specifications
customized for the frequency band of use and their associated regulations.

802.16 supports very high bit rates in both uploading to and downloading
from a base station up to a distance of 30 miles to handle such services as
VoIP, IP connectivity and TDM voice and data.

Privacy Sub-layer

WiMAX Scalability:
Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
Spectral Efficiency
Adaptive Modulation

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Please know that we do not offer WiFi connections that many residential users would
normally be seeking. Our minimum monthly rate is $159 per month in limited markets.
Please only request a quotation if you understand that the lowest rate we offer is a
least $159 per month and in many markets the minimum is $527 per month.

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