Wireless T1 Internet Service Provider Rate Quotes

Wireless T1 Internet Service Provider Rate Quotes
Wireless T1 Internet Service Provider Rate Quotes

We offer wireless T1 Internet service provider rate quotes using WiMax connections.
WiMax is highly reliable and available in bandwidths from 768 KB to 1,000 MB in many areas.

WiMax dedicated connections have the following benefits:

  • Elastic bandwidth with immediate scalability that can be increased in a matter of hours
  • Fast installation times that provision in days, instead of weeks, like traditional lines
  • Highly reliable with diverse, dual network paths for each base station
  • Complete accountability with a 100% network uptime guarantee
  • Enhanced security with AES 128 Bit or 256 encryption
  • Totally bypass the regular telephone company

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    Please know that we do not offer lower cost WiFi connections that many residential
    users would normally desire. Our minimum monthly rate is $149 per month in a very
    few limited markets and $350 per month in most other markets. Please only request
    a quotation if you understand that the lowest rate we offer is at least $149 per month.

    Below are the areas where we can help you locate WiMax connections:
    Main Page | Atlanta | Austin | Baltimore  | Boston | California | Chicago | Dallas
    Ft Worth | Houston | Las Vegas | Los Angeles | Marina Del Rey | Miami | New York
    Orange County | Orlando | Philadelphia | Phoenix | Rhode Island | San Antonio
    San Diego | San Francisco | Santa Barbara | Ventura | Virginia

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