Software as a Service, SAAS

Software as a Service, SAAS
Software as a Service, SAAS

Software as a Service, SAAS, is a method of software delivery and licensing in which software
is hosted remotely and accessed online via a subscription, rather than purchased and installed on
computers at the service location. The applications we offer provide Sales, Billing, Scheduling,
Inventory, Network Monitoring, Ticketing and HR, you can buy all or just some of the modules.

Other existing cloud platforms are generally very narrow in scope requiring you to manage multiple
subscriptions in order to provide all the necessary tools for your team to do their jobs. We offer a cloud
platform that can be your total business solution, rather than just another component in it.

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Software as a Service, SAAS

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5 Advantages of Software as a Service, SaaS
Lower costs.
Scalability and integration.
New releases and upgrades.
Reduced time to implementation.
Easy to use and perform proof-of-concepts.

Below are brief details about the different modules:


Add any number of configurable products and subscriptions. Manage subscriptions and contract life cycles. Integrates with 3rd party services.

Customer Relations

Import leads and track progress through any number of stages. Keep up with your contacts with a full-featured calendar and recurring tasks.

Billing and Finance

Schedule your invoices any time. Define usage levels for voice and data services and configure any number of processing rules.


Fast and reliable Network Monitoring and Management tools keep your teams organized and running efficiently.


Rate and analyze your call detail records for invoicing. Apply custom or templated dial plans to customer contracts.

Human Resources

Employees can request time off and managers can view and approve requests. Time tracking and scheduling can be done from multiple views.

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