Philadelphia Wireless Internet Service Provider

Philadelphia Wireless Internet Service Provider
Philadelphia Wireless Internet Service Provider

We offer Philadelphia wireless Internet service for business customers who need
highly reliable and flexible dedicated bandwidth from 10 MB to 1,000 MB or more.
WiMax connections bypass the local phone company, so they can be installed quickly
and avoid possible telecom network outages. fixed wireless Internet is excellent for
primary or secondary connections and are very well suited for VOIP and SIP voice.

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Philadelphia Wireless Internet Service

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Fixed wireless connections have the following benefits:

  • Elastic bandwidth with easy scalability that can be increased quickly.
  • Fast install times that provision in days, instead of weeks, like fiber.
  • Very good value compared to other options like fiber or copper.

  • Below are our Philadelphia wireless Internet coverage maps:

    Philadelphia wireless Internet coverage map
    Philadelphia wireless Internet coverage map

    Below are other areas where we can help you locate fixed wireless connections:
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    | Ft. Lauderdale | Ft. Worth | Houston | Las Vegas | Little Rock | Los Angeles
    | Milwaukee | New York | New Jersey | Orlando | Orange CountyPhoenix
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